About The Supporter Journeys

Women are stronger when they stand together – when they support each other.

This AWLS will encourage the participating women leaders to commit to support specific ‘Supporter Journeys based on specific spaces of their power and influence. These will be specific “Supporter Journeys” of courage

and determination aimed at championing the cause for increasing visibility, opportunities, resources, voice and the rights of women and girls within their respective spheres. As such participants will not depart without clearly articulating their individual commitment to altering the state of a stated number of women and/or girls from their specific countries (or region) for a defined period and towards a specific achievement. As participants coming to the symposium are already recognised women leaders in their own platforms, the commitment to support the journeys of multitudes of women in the continent is indeed a possibility.

It is the determination of this Symposium for participants to embark on a process that leaves a distinct mark of transformation in different parts of the continent by different women leaders for the benefit of women and girls in Africa.