One Million Women Initiative

This inaugural initiative in Transformative Women’s Leadership is calling on the transformation of one-million+ women in the continent to mark significant strides in improving the lives and status of women in Trade.  Africa’s Socio-Economic trade pulse is throbbing to momentus tempos.  The past few decades have seen Africa rising to claim definitive positons in Global Trade.  Internal, cross-border and regional trade in Africa is greased with the efforts and sweat of women committed to excelling and succeeding in matters trade.  This Symposium calls to action women in leadership positions who are poised to influence positive change for women in trade to step forward and commit to shifting the transformative narrative for women in Trade. It may be women in the Production and manufacturing line; women in the executive and management boards; women in the retail, advertising and marketing sectors; women in the freight and shipment fraternity; women in the cross-border and trans-regional forums; women in gas and energy sectors; women in the financial and micro-finance sectors; women in the magnanimous hawking businesses…all women in trade!

The One-Million+ women Initiative will target concerns affecting women in trade in the continent and will propel participants to aim towards positively impacting on the status of women in this sphere within the period of one year.

The Africa Women Leadership Symposium recognizes the clusters of marginalization which impede women in trade from achieving individual, collective, national, regional and global goals.  The symposium takes an audacious approach to making a significant change in the lives of African women linked to trade and propelled by the participants attending the AWLS. Thus in a nutshell the One-Million women+ initiative will focus on re-defining the status of women in Trade in various ways:

  • Improve status (numbers) of women in decision making positions in Trade
  • Improve on livelihoods of women
  • Support the formulation and implementation of gender sensitive legislations safeguarding the rights and opportunities for women in trade and industry
  • Support and advocate for equal representation of women in significant trade and industry positions
  • Improve the wholesome working conditions for women in the trade sector
  • Ensure reproductive health rights are upheld for women in trade and industry
  • Ensure the protection of women and girls against sexual exploitation and abuses in the Trade and Industry sectors

The list of accountability mechanisms and change drivers is endless. It is the hope of the One-Million Women+ Initiative that enthusiasts attending the AWLS will embrace this process to change the paradigm, demand accountability, justice and systemic change. This is the essence of transformative women’s leadership.

In another year, the AWLS is likely to either focus on another issue affecting women in the continent or address specific issues arising from this year’s focus on women in trade.

This initiative is geared towards acknowledgement that specific women in power have various centres of influence that they can use to impact on both informal and formal structures and eventually transform the individual lives of women and girls.