Thobeka Wandile Nyathikazi


Thobeka Wandile Nyathikazi is a 24-year-old African woman who began her journey in the empowerment of others at the tender age of 10. Thobeka has run two NGO’s and one business in her lifetime. She is an LLB graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Thobeka launched her company Nansimpi Service Providers in 2014. Nansimpi provides services to University and College students within South Africa. Through this endeavour she aims to hire and train youth to run their own businesses in line with the needs of their communities. These youths are generally unemployed, minimally educated indivuiduals who previously had little work prospects.

During 2004, she began her first community endeavour by assisting at the pre-primary school down the road from her school. She would take different groups of friends with her to teach the children songs, assist with potty training, butter the school bread etc. while they waited for their parents. This endeavour won her an award at the schools merit evening which had previously only been won by Seniors, she was 10 at the time.

Since the year 2009 she has been assisting at the ICC which is owned and run by the Tshwane Leadership Foundation. At Inkululeko she hosted an event under her second NGO Harvesting Hearts called Harvest a Dream. Here here team encouraged the young people of Salvokop, Pretoria to reach for their dreams and gave them advice on the next steps they could take to reach those dreams. The team gathered donations to buy food for the centre which was handed over. In 2010 I collected over 40 pairs of school shoes and donated these to the centre for the use of the youth of Salvokop.

Thobeka is an advocate for good education, and since 2015 she has travelled to secondary schools with low Matric pass rates in the Dipaliseng Municipality with her team Vha Aki. Some of these schools only have a 30% pass rate because learners opt not to write their Matric exams. Here she speak to the teachers and learners about how their country needs them to be better and to strive for better outcomes. She spends time talking to learners and also forming Mentorship relationships for those who sign up for the program.


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