Rahma Hersi

Managing Partner of Awal Consulting Limited

Rahma Hersi is the Managing Partner of Awal Consulting Limited the 1st Islamic Financial Advisory Firm in East and Central Africa. Ms Hersi is one of the few trained Islamic Finance Lawyers and the only woman spearheading Islamic finance and financial inclusion discourse in East and Central Africa. Due to Ms. Hersi’s efforts Awal Consulting Limited has partnered up with the likes of the Islamic Development Bank to work on developing the Islamic finance industry in Africa and other parts of the world. She is the 1st Muslim woman appointed to the Kenya Financial Review Panel by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya. She has also been picked as a leading expert on Islamic finance to give technical support and advice to the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya Technical Working Groups advising on the Capital Markets 10 year Master Plan for the development of the financial sectors in Kenya.

Ms. Hersi has been instrumental in pushing the agenda of Muslim Women in Business and Financial Inclusion in particular for marginalized communities in not only in Kenya but other African countries. Under her leadership Awal Consulting limited hosted and organized the 1st International Islamic Finance Conference in Africa in January 26-27 2016. The conference brought together leaders from the Islamic financial Industry in Muslim Majority Countries and Muslim Minority Countries around the world. Part of the Agenda included a discussion on how do we empower Muslim Women Businesses around Africa so they can tap into what is now a 2.1 Trillion Dollar industry and is growing at an unprecedented rate of 15-20% per annum.

Ms. Hersi is an International Speaker and has made significant contributions by writing the first comprehensive write up on Islamic finance and its growth in Kenya which was published by the John Wiley Islamic Finance Series, The Islamic Finance Handbook: A Practioner’s Guide to the Global Markets. Rahma is multilingual and speaks fluent Arabic, English, Kiswahili, and Somali and understands Urdu.


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