Eva Mageni Daudi

President of the Rural Women’s Farmers forum

Eva is graduate from the Open University of Tanzania, with BA in Business Administration. She has worked before as customer care personnel at Airtel Tanzania in 2008 where her good work and  performance made her get promoted to assume higher roles in the Customer Retention Sub-department of the company in 2010. After working with the company for seven year in 2015, she shifted to a Steel Manufacturing Company where she was employed as a Personal Secretary. She bought a 10 acre piece of land with the terminal benefits she got from Airtel after the end of her employment. She started growing 9,000 pineapples in a section of the farm but the crop was destroyed by rodents, later tried sesame which was stolen but she is full of determination and doesn’t lose hope. Regarding farming she says

“I have passion in farming. I’m not satisfied with working in the office. Food is an essential need for our survival and hence if it is business, business in farming or food is the best business and the person engaged in that business is very important in the society.  I want to become one of those important people in the society, I wish to become a large-scale farmer to employ other people and feed the society”


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