Anna Oloshuro

Winner Female Food Hero competition-2011

Anna, a distinctive female pastoralist, hails from Parakuyo village in Kilosa district, Morogoro (Tanzania). She is the 3rd winner of the 2011 Female Food Hero competition. The main contribution that Anna wishes to make is towards gender equality in her community mainly because she sees how the Maasai culture tends to favour men over women. Challenges that women face in her community include access to resources including land, livestock and leadership roles. She believes that providing women with access to information will empower them and make them aware of their rights. Anna Oloshuro has supported the establishment of support groups for female pastoralists; one for cows and another for selling and buying goats. Another group she has also supported the establishment is a VICOBA group which is similar to village savings and loans.

She believes that women need to be given more opportunity to own land – this is because women are more in tune with supporting the family and community and therefore their ownership of land will be more beneficial. Anna is working with various organisations including Haki Ardhi and Oxfam Tanzania to lobby the local government to invest more in small holder farmers and pastoralist needs. She has also been instrumental in organising open forums to debate these issues. One of the emerging issues in her community is poachers killing off indigenous animals and the inaction on the part of the government.


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