Hellen Mtawali


Hellen Mtawali is a Music Performer, Lecturer at Daystar University, Marketer, M.C, Music judge, Actress, Linguist, Choreographer, Hair dresser, designer, Singer and Motivational Speaker.

As a vocalist, Hellen Mtawali is the trainer of other vocalists – such is her mastery over her voice that she can comfortably be called upon to instruct others. She is a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a judge and a motivational speaker. She is a performer (not just a singer). She commands the stage in a way few musicians are able to. Hellen is one of the few Kenyan musicians who combine their voice with authentic African sounds and are good at it. Everything she does flows with passion. No wonder others. Hellen can also be refered to as an Ambassador for African music. She travels round the world ensuring people have a special love and appreciation for African Music. Among the projects she has done to nurture and mentor African talent include Tusker Project Fame 1,2,4&5. She is currently Principal Premier Voice. She is he President of LUGOMUFO SACCO.


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