Carolina Chelele

Winner Female Food Hero competition Season 5

Chelele is known for her role as a mentor to her peers and also as a hard worker. You are more likely to find her at the farm working and if not there she will most likely be at the women group meetings exchanging ideas with her peers. She won Season 5 of the Female Food Heroes in Tanzania and has become a community leader. The grand prize included $10,000, 7 acres of land and farming & fishing tool. When talking about her success in farming Carolina reflects on a particular woman who inspired her success, this is her neighbour. Carolina says that “People are different and if we are lucky to have good neighbours, we should thank them. One of my neighbours is that person to me.” There was a training that her neighbour attended on good agriculture practices when Chelele was still practising simple agriculture techniques but with time her neighbour showed her new planting techniques which saw her get bigger profits. She insists that when people are trained then they become motivated to try different strategies so as to increase their incomes.

Her advice is that people need to join groups so that they can join their voices together and have a platform to speak. She also calls upon the government and the various institutions to educate the public on gender based violence since, according to her, is one of the challenges that hinder development in the communities. Her parting shot is that when women fight they can win, especially when they stand together, nothing can stop them.


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