Amina Mama


Amina Mama is a Nigerian-British academic, Over the last 25 years she has worked in a range of European, African and U.S. teaching and research institutions. Trained at Universities in Scotland (B.Sc Psychology, St Andrews) and London (M.Sc Social Psychology, London School of Economics and Political Science; Ph.D Organizational Psychology, Birkbeck College, University of London). Her publications include Beyond the Masks: Race, Gender and Subjectivity (Routledge 1995) and Engendering African Social Sciences (co-edited for CODESRIA 1997) and numerous articles. Amina supported feminist teaching and research initiatives in Nigeria and consulted for international development agencies,  before being recruited as the first Chair in Gender Studies and Director of the African Gender Institute at University of Cape Town. She held the Chair in Equity and Development (University of Leiden), the Barbara Lee Distinguished Chair in Women’s Leadership at Mills College in Oakland, California (2007-2009), before accepting a faculty position at the University of California, Davis (2009). Her collaborations with Director Yaba Badoe produced two award-winning feature-length documentary films, The Witches of Gambaga (2010) and The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo (2015). Since 2002,she has served as a founding editor of the African continent’s first open access gender studies journal Feminist Africa, (University of Cape Town). She is currently documenting feminist consciousness and mobilizations in multiple African contexts.


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